Current Programmes at the TSC

The Transport Systems Catapult focusses on distinct programmes of work within Intelligent Mobility. By concentrating our capabilities and resources on areas where we believe significant economic impact is possible, and where there are common needs and solutions, we can make the most of our funding.

Clearly defined programmes enable people from across the Catapult to collaborate effectively and work towards a common vision. They also make it easier to bring together a community of stakeholders for each topic, including potential end-users, suppliers, researchers, funders and our colleagues in the other Catapults. We set out a roadmap for the short, medium and long term for each programme, but make sure they are flexible enough to allow us to change course easily.

The TSC is currently working on five programme themes, alongside innovative UK businesses and those responsible for providing transport at a local and national level. We feel that the following integrated programmes are needed to unlock Intelligent Mobility opportunities:

  • Improving Customer Experience to ensure the user is at the heart of new products and services
  • Transport Data Analysis and Exploitation to drive more intelligent decisions for transport providers and users
  • Automation and Autonomy in transport systems to accelerate the development and real world uptake of automated and autonomous transport systems.
  • Smart Infrastructure & Connectivity to unlock greater capacity and productivity in new and existing infrastructure;
  • Disruptive Business Models to change the way people engage with future transport solutions

Intelligent Mobility uses new and emerging technology to create an efficient, sustainable transport system characterised by seamless, congestion free journeys across multiple modes of transport



How we choose our programmes

We identify transport sector needs through foresight, research and engagement and then identify internal and external capabilities that can address those needs and match them to different funding opportunities.

You can explore our market research and other resources in our IM Resources section.

By aligning our technology strategy to the challenges identified by industry, we can provide ground-breaking solutions through research and demonstrators that add real value and focus to the market.

If you would like to work with us on a existing programme, or your own innovation, click here or if you would like to explore opportunities to collaborate on our projects go to our Open Calls Space.

Project Case Studies

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