Welcome to the Visualisation and Virtual Reality Blog

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our first Data Visualisation and Virtual Reality blog here at the Transport Systems Catapult.

We thought it would be an appropriate time to start blogging about our Visualisation activities at the TSC, as this will co-inside with the launch of our newly revamped Visualisation Laboratory.

Those who have followed our progress in the last six months will know that the Modelling and Visualisation Business Unit is one of four business units set up to help the UK capitalise on the emerging market, known as Intelligent Mobility (IM). Our role as the Visualisation team, is to help the TSC communicate the complex technologies and advancements that we and the market are making in the field of IM. As part of our technology horizon scanning, we have been investigating how Virtual Reality technologies, from the military industry and the gaming industry could impact IM.

Through our investigations with a number of partner organisations, we have built virtual environments that we have been able to walk around and interact with. These investigations have uncovered a number of genuine applications within the transport industry. We have therefore decided to invest in creating a unique facility. We just finished the redevelopment of our Visualisation Lab and we are open for business. This will give our team a dedicated space in which to experiment with cutting edge technologies as well as offering those interested in learning about and experimenting with VR technologies a destination to visit.

To support project work and experimentation, we have also grown the team to five full time staff, two-part time experts in programming and 3D modelling and we have forged links with independent experts and SMEs to assist us with project specific skills.

The Visualisation Lab is one of six unique assets described within the recently launched IM technical Strategy document, built by the TSC, for the UK. Nowhere else in the UK can you find and access the equipment that we have at our disposal, and we have the technical expertise to help you achieve your ambitious project objectives.

For those with a penchant for Sci-fi books and have read Ernest Cline’s “Ready Player One”…… we have recreated Wade’s collection of VR peripherals necessary for a fully immersive experience within “The Oasis”. If you are curious to imagine where VR technologies could take us, read “Ready Player One” ASAP!

Thanks for reading.

Martin Pett
(Visualisation Lead and Principle Technologist within the M&V team)

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