Virtual Peterborough: Workshop

The TSC’s Visualisation Team’s latest workshop was run on behalf of Peterborough City Council and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).  We wanted to discuss and learn about how we could create and use virtual environments to design wayfinding solutions for the visually impaired, for future use in designs of Peterborough City Centre. 

We invited companies and academics working in design, construction and wayfinding to discuss how we could represent wayfinding technologies within an immersive virtual environment. Should this be possible, we wanted to discuss how it could be used to assist with design and implementation of innovative solutions in the real world.

Martin Pett, TSC Visualisation team lead.

The attendees were invited to participate in a brainstorm session, where we posed the following questions:

  • What challenges do we face when building accurate and representative virtual environments?
  • How do we make 3D models future-proof, updatable, and continue to serve ongoing needs of the city?
  • How could a virtual environment and VR system be used to test and verify implementation of wayfinding technologies, prior to installation?

The TSC is now reviewing how we can incorporate the feedback into the construction of a 3D VR Peterborough, and create of a wayfinding testing & evaluation proof of concept.  

Please watch the video below to see the attendee’s presentations, demonstrating their technologies, capabilities and perspectives on wayfinding.

To find out more about this project and how you could get involved in this phase or future collaborative activities, please contact or


00:00:05 – Sohail Ilyas (Peterborough City Council)
00:02:05 – John Worsfold (RNIB)
00:05:18 – Marc Powell (RNIB)
00:15:10 – Martin Pett (Transport Systems Catapult)
00:34:53 – Jon Scott (Marshalls)
00:40:22 – Hans Lienert (Blindsquare)
00:48:49 – Gavin Neate (Neat Box)
00:53:21 – Claire Boissiere (Conspexit)
01:09:25 – John Wellsman (Guide Dogs for the Blind)
01:13:11 – Tiernan Kenny (Wayfindr)
01:17:20 – Lewis Cook (MK Surveys)
01:22:42 – Roger Wilson-Hinds (RealThing)
01:31:39 – Justin Douglas (About Time Creative)
01:39:33 – Workshop highlights

Watch the highlights here

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