IM Skills Challenge

The key to Intelligent Mobility lies in taking a holistic view of transport and the vast number of individual journeys being made across the transport modes and bringing together a range of different industries and technologies to solve some of the key challenges, creating new ideas, products and services.

Examples of these industries and technologies include vehicle manufacturing, electronic sensors and controls, transport information systems, communications technologies, logistics & distribution, and infrastructure management. Each of these markets is a fast-moving, independent sector in its own right and currently there is little formal connection between them.  However, when taken as a whole, the global Intelligent Mobility market is estimated to reach £900bn annually by 2025 and will continue to grow.

To fully capitalise on this emerging market, it is critical that the UK creates a mobile and transferable workforce. Access to a learning environment where each generation entering the workplace acquires the right skills together with sustainable and demonstrable career pathways is key, if the UK is to meet the future global transport challenges.

With this in mind, the Transport Systems Catapult on behalf of C-CAV and the IM-pact Group is leading a study to be concluded in summer 2016, to assess the UK IM skills gap and the options for addressing the issues.

If you would like to help us understand the current and future skills landscape for Intelligent Mobility, please complete the questionnaire below:

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