Future of transport to be revealed at UK summit on Intelligent Mobility

The Government-backed Transport Systems Catapult has announced it will host a unique national summit on intelligent mobility and the future of transport next month. Featuring some of the most prominent thinkers in transport technology, research, and policy, the Imagine Festival will reveal how different sectors believe technology will transform global transport. 
“The Imagine Festival has been created so leading minds from UK industry, academia and government can reveal how they believe the way we move people and goods across the world will change over the next 5-10 years”, explained David Reid, director of the Imagine Festival at the Catapult. “From driverless vehicles and smarter trains, to harnessing the power of big data to create more seamless journeys, this event represents a unique opportunity to encourage the joined-up thinking required to position the UK at the forefront of the emerging Intelligent Mobility market. It’s an industry estimated to be worth £900bn by 2025, creating jobs and a securing long-term economic growth in the UK.” 
Intelligent Mobility is the future of transport. It is about harnessing innovation and emerging technology to create more efficient, smarter, and greener transport systems. It is about taking a different approach to the challenges that have traditionally beset the transport sector and those that it is experiencing for the first time today. The Imagine Festival will examine how a diverse range of technologies, from visualisation to robotics, can help address a huge variety of problems, spanning congestion, pollution, and wider societal trends such as our growing and ageing global population, the rapid depletion of our traditional energy resources, and increasing urbanisation. 
Speakers at The Imagine Festival include:
  • Simon Smith, Director of Passenger Service Design, Department for Transport
  • Rod O’Shea, UK General Manager, Intel Corporation
  • Stephen Pattison, Vice President, ARM
  • Richard Harris, Director of International Transportation, Xerox
  • Harry Scrope, MD, Brompton Bike Hire
  • Professor David Lane, Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics
  • Dr Mark Darbyshire, Chief Technologist, SAP
  • Roger McKinlay, President, Royal Institute of Navigation
Examples of the event sessions are:
  • Driving change – Autonomous vehicles and robotics are transforming the future of roads, personal transport, and freight. From driverless vehicles to using robotics in dangerous environments, this session will look at the power of automation and the impact it will have on the future of mobility.
  • Rail revolution – From real-time information to sentiment mapping, new technology and innovation has the power to dramatically improve passenger’s experience of making a train journey. How is the rail industry responding to customer demands and what will rail travel look like in 20 years time?
  • Big data and transport – From smart cards to real-time passenger information, how can data be used to improve how we travel? This session will explore issues and ideas around data, connectivity, and the Internet of Things and the impact they could have on the emerging Intelligent Mobility sector.
The event will be held on the 11th and 12th June at Transport Systems Catapult’s Imovation Centre in Milton Keynes, a unique world-class facility housing some of the UK’s most impressive demonstrations of intelligent mobility in action. This inspirational space has been specifically designed to enable the UK to develop smarter ways of moving people and goods, and features cutting edge IT infrastructure, simulation and modelling rooms, creative collaboration spaces, and innovation labs.
“As champions of Intelligent Mobility, the Catapult and its partners are taking responsibility for changing the way we all look at transport as a seamless system spanning road, rail, air and sea,” continued Reid. “To do this our thinking has to cut across and go beyond the traditional boundaries of this industry. This is why we created Imagine Festival. It’s a way to explore new ideas from a huge spread of sectors. That includes anyone with an interest in technology and innovation that could have an impact including SMEs, entrepreneurs, innovators, technologists, business leaders, academics and policymakers.” 

Imagine Festival 2015 Programme


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