DPI tender takes off

The TSC is already overseeing the roll-out of Departure Planning Information (DPI) at seven major airports (London City, Stansted, Manchester, Luton, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow), and is now inviting systems developers to participate in the installation of DPI at further UK airports.

Previously only used at Heathrow and Gatwick, DPI installation enables airports to electronically share real-time data about the progress of each aircraft departure with European network managers at Eurocontrol.

Compared to traditional airline flight plans which are submitted as a static data set up to three hours before a plane’s departure, DPI data describes the precise time that each scheduled aircraft is planning to depart – including the time each aircraft pushes back from its stand and the estimated time it will take to taxi and queue before reaching the runway for take-off.

The resulting improvement in the accuracy and availability of this data has a beneficial knock-on effect in improving estimates of when those planes will arrive in a particular sector of airspace. Expected overall benefits include a reduction in airspace congestion and “stacking”, fewer delays on the ground and in the air, and a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The tender process for system developers wishing to participate in the DPI installation programme is being run under the European Union’s OJEU open tender system. Companies wishing to tender for DPI installation work have until midday on 10 October to express their interest.

An information notice is also being circulated to airports by the Civil Aviation Authority, allowing them to also express interest in being considered for DPI installation.

The full OJEU tender notice can be found here. Further details on DPI can be found in our current projects section.

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