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17/06/2015 - 0


17/06/2015 - 0


On the 17th June visitors were welcomed to the Transport Systems Catapult Imovation Centre to help break down barriers to the implementation of connected smart transport systems. Sessions involved speakers from different areas and segmentations of the transportation industry along with representatives from smart infrastructure manufacturers, enablers, system integrators, service providers, and other parts of the supply chain. Challenges discussed included:

  • Interoperability of things – How do we make different systems talk to each other?
  • Privacy and security – How do we address concerns over personal data privacy and security as smart systems become more pervasive?
  • Business Models – Do we have 21st century business models that can enable disruptive technologies?
  • High Investments – How do we bring down the cost of smart infrastructure?
  • Truth vs Hype –How can we separate the realities from the myths when it comes to smart transport?
  • Resilience – How vulnerable are the new ecosystems?

Delegates were given rare insights into the opportunities and challenges in the creation of smarter infrastructure. Special focus was given to building the next generation of businesses cases and models in order to help their businesses access a potential £75billion industry.

If you were unable to attend, or want to know more, all the presentations from the day that we were allowed to share are now available for download at the bottom of the page.

A white paper will shortly be launched based on the outcomes of the conference with more information to follow. This will be followed by a series of workshops based on the findings.



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