What is Intelligent Mobility?

Encompassing everything from autonomous vehicles to seamless journey systems and multi-modal modelling software, Intelligent Mobility uses emerging technologies to enable the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world.

Intelligent Mobility is all about taking a different approach to the challenges that have traditionally beset the transport sector, whether it be congestion, pollution or the lack of “joined up” thinking between different means of transport.

It goes further than that, however, by also helping the transport industry to address wider societal trends – including a growing and ageing global population, climate change, the rapid depletion of our traditional energy resources, and increasing urbanisation.

In order to meet these massive and multiple challenges, Intelligent Mobility has to cut across and go beyond the traditional transport sector. Intelligent Mobility focuses instead on new and emerging technologies that make it possible to achieve more for less.

As champions of Intelligent Mobility, the Transport Systems Catapult and its partners are taking advantage of developments in web connectivity, integrated systems, state of the art modelling and visualisation, and the emerging Internet of Things to change how we think about the movement of people and goods.

The common goal is to develop future transport systems that are:

  • User-focused, to meet the needs of an ever-connected world and an ageing population;
  • Integrated, to maximise the capacity of transport;
  • Efficient, to meet global resource demands; and
  • Sustainable, to address global social, environmental and economic risks.

As well as offering solutions to major challenges in the transport sector, Intelligent Mobility is a fast-growing and lucrative market in its own right, with an estimated global market value of £900 billion by 2025.

To learn more about some of our current Intelligent Mobility projects, please click here.

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