Exploring the Opportunity for Mobility as a Service in the UK

Young woman in winter coat with a cell phone in her hand waiting on the platform of a railway station for train to arrive. Public transport.

Mobility as a Service, or MaaS as it is commonly known, is set to revolutionise how we choose to travel.

MaaS has the potential to address many of the pain points in the journeys we make, such as congestion, delay and uncertainty.  In doing this, it gives our policy makers a great opportunity to improve how they provide our transport systems and services, so they work better for all.

The report ‘Exploring the Opportunity for Mobility as a Service in the UK’, seeks to set out what MaaS is, how it can help us travel, and what the future could look like once it becomes mainstream.  Are we looking a smart seamless multimodal future?  Or are we looking at a future where car based transport will prevail.  In both futures, the current shape of public transport may change dramatically.

Predicting the future for MaaS in our world of rapidly developing technology and new disruptive business model innovation, is challenging.  But we are already seeing new MaaS offerings being made available to consumers, and MaaS may become the favoured for getting from A to B for many of us, in the near future.

You can download the complete report here.

Explore MaaS at our dedicated conference on the 21st September 2016.

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