Martin Pett

Visualisation Team Lead
Human Factors Expert




What do I do? I manage the delivery of Visualisation Projects for internal and external clients; I conduct business development activities and form partnership agreements for research/collaborative activities with individual consultant and SMEs. I provide input to user interface designs, customer experience and Human Factors guidance to projects throughout the Catapult.

How does this contribute to the Visualisation Lab? Understanding how the end user interfaces with the technologies and the products we are generating is essential to the catapult’s success.  My background in designing products for human performance enhancement places the human at the centre of all product and system design.  Understanding how we behave, respond to, interact with and engage with technologies is essential to their success/effectiveness.

Michael Calver

Senior Technologist
Computer Graphics Expert




What do I do? I am a 3D modeler with an eye for innovation, design and technique. My passion and expertise revolve around 3D Design, CG rendering, Simulation and the development of business relationships. My aim is to combine my knowledge, working methods and expertise to deliver content with value, impact and effectiveness. I work with programmers, GIS developers and data modelers to produce 3D environments for use in a range of Simulations, Visualisations and experiences. This allows us to bring together a variety of Simulations, in order to produce an innovative and unique experience using real time graphics engines such as Unity 3D.

And how does this contribute to the Visualisation Lab? I strive to create productive relationships and collaborations with organisations in order to generate relevant and tangible results. I truly enjoy developing new techniques whilst combining existing methods, to provide content that is of high quality and unique to the TSC. My true ambition is to develop technology far ahead of the curve, whilst resolving existing real world problems. I aim to bring my experience working within Formula 1, manufacturing, retail and academic organizations in order to enhance the TSC even further.

Ryan Johnston

GIS Expert




What do I do? I source geographic data from a variety of sources and create geo data bases, data cleansing, creation of 3D geographic content, spatial analysis, all to create or format data to be used by other team members. I have had the opportunity to learn new software including Unity, Tableau and Sketchup to increase the uses of GIS data.

How does this contribute to the Visualisation Lab?Adds a real world geographic element to the work we do, which enables the creation of a shared space between multiple software using a common coordinate system. This helps to increase the validity of the work we do, adds an additional resource as a method to visualise data on a map either in 2D or 3D which can then be exported to a variety of other software packages.

Kyle Field

Software Developer




What do I do? I develop visualisation solutions for model transport systems developed by the modelling side of M&V. I experiment and research Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies and how they can apply to projects we embark on. I create demonstration applications to show off the capabilities of M&V and present these to internal and external stakeholders including potential clients and collaboration partners.

How does this contribute to the Visualisation Lab? I discuss with other potential developers how to create content using the hardware/software provided by TSC. This allows us to links the logic of modelling simulations created by the modelling team in M&V to create visual and interactive outputs through the use of game engine architecture such as Unity3D. It also enhances possibilities for VR/AR elements to be integrated into cross-departmental projects internally at TSC and provide experience for knowledge sharing between M&V and collaboration partners/clients.

Tareq Ahmed

Software Developer




What do I do? I am a Unity Developer; I work with the Unity game engine to create virtual environments. I am building immersive environment and integrating transport simulation data to create immersive looking into how we can exploit Virtual Reality equipment, such as the Oculus Rift, to promote the idea of Intelligent Mobility. I keep up to date with the latest news of what’s happening in virtual reality and create prototypes.

And how does this contribute to the Visualisation Lab? Being a Unity Developer allows me to rapidly create prototypes to create a visual output of what may be from an abstract idea. The idea of using VR is to save costs to what may take a lot of time.

Matt Thompson

Creative Technologist




What do I do? I specialise in almost everything photography and video. Alongside traditional methods, I am a certified UAV (drone) operator and use the latest 360 cameras to ensure I always capture the shot from almost any angle. I use my degree in human biology in the analysis of biometric data and experimental design.

And how does this contribute to the Visualisation Lab? Not everything we do is in the virtual world, so I help capture the real one. This can often be for referencing an environment for our 3D artists, or simply for promoting the team and our work. We are also exploring the use of UAVs for many applications, including photogrammetry and surveying. My biological expertise helps with conducting and analysing accurate user trials for hypothetical scenarios in virtual reality.

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