How would it feel to lose your sight?

Eyeware is a smartphone app designed to help you see through the eyes of someone with an eye condition.

Built in collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), the app has been developed to simulate a range of conditions, including cataracts and glaucoma. Particular care has been placed in ensuring the representations are as accurate as possible, based on an abundance of interviews and scientific literature.

Unless you are close to someone who is affected, it is often very difficult to imagine the everyday challenges faced by those with sight loss – such as travelling around. The cloudiness of cataracts and tunnel-vision of glaucoma can be tough to grasp until you experience it for yourself. Being blind doesn’t necessarily mean seeing nothing.

Eyeware works by placing filters over your smartphone camera’s feed. When you combine this with a virtual reality headset such as the Google Cardboard, you will see the world in front of you as if you had these conditions. This is called augmented reality. Look anywhere, at any thing, to instantly understand.

Through understanding, we can empathise greater with the two million people in the UK affected by sight loss. Applications for the app include…

Awareness – Improving early diagnosis and empathy for those with eye conditions.
Education – Teaching children and training public-facing staff to understand challenges facing the blind.
Healthcare – Helping doctors, nurses and students understand conditions they meet.
Design – Improving accessibility and inclusiveness in the digital and real world.


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Please note: The Eyeware app is for personal use only.  For commercial applications, please contact our team at for licensing options. Click here to read the Terms & Conditions.


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