The Visualisation Laboratory (Vis Lab) is where industry leading software, cutting edge hardware and innovative transport ideas meet to solve the intelligent mobility needs of the future. The lab is run by a specialist team with expertise in ergonomics, dynamic interactive digital media and VR (virtual reality). This, combined with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), allows us to create and map out real life data sets which can contribute to improving Intelligent Mobility needs of the future.

We can help to ensure that the visuals we develop for you are intuitive to use for both you and your target audience, run on preferred media in the highest quality possible and are based on real-world geographically accurate methods and data. We are always keen to push the boundaries of innovative visuals and simulations and have taken on various large projects which have allowed us to do so.

One topic that always peaks our interest here at the Vis Lab is the emerging market of Virtual Reality. Originally developed in the defense industry and now being intensively developed by the gaming industry, we are investigating the potential of this technology to transform it into an effective tool for strategic transport, planning and design. We want to develop tools that help to answer the questions that can’t be asked in the real world.

Ultimately we aim to bring transport designers and decision makers even closer to their models and data to make predictive simulations, decisions or even alterations, saving both time and reducing the risk of issues not being noticed until it’s too late.

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