Introducing the Intelligent Mobility Data Hub

Data is essential to realise the vision of a future transport system that meets the expectations and exploits the capabilities of the internet age. The development of Intelligent Mobility (IM) solutions by SME’s and research organisations, powered by data, can contribute to tackling some of the UK’s biggest economic, social and environmental challenges.

By 2025, the benefits of Intelligent Mobility solutions based on open and shared data  are estimated to include:

This vision is at risk because currently data is not being shared in the transport sector due to concerns around privacy, security and cost, as well as cultural barriers which restrict data sharing between different types of transport.

The Transport Systems Catapult’s IM Data Hub (IMDH) aims to address these issues head on, with an innovative IT platform that capitalises on our position as a trusted independent organisation in the transport sector.

The IM Data Hub Facility

The TSC has developed a powerful platform to store, analyse and process large volumes of transport related data. The hub is supported by a team of IT and data experts who can help make your transport solution a reality.

Our current facilities include:

• Datasets ‒ Unique and desirable data acquired from the private/public sectors ready for use.
• Data Store ‒ 900TB of storage. Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.
• Data Catalogue ‒ Searchable database of existing datasets.
• Data Analytics Platform ‒ Making data accessible for analysis, modelling and testing.
• Secure Room ‒ Data access can be limited to a secure room with in the TSC when required.

How the IM Data Hub can support your business

• We can provide a secure platform for organisations wanting to make their data accessible, supported by robust legal processes to ensure privacy and commercial confidentiality.
• SME partners can access existing data up to proof of concept stage, and where use case is authorised, to prototype stage.
• We can make data accessible, under controlled conditions, with Academic Partners and Research Organisations who are active in the IM space.
• Our expert engineers can help run analytics to provide detailed outcomes and changes in scenario building to help businesses develop transport solutions.

What data is currently available?

Using our position as a neutral trusted broker, the TSC has also been able to negotiate licenses to unique and valuable data sets which can be combined for the first time.

  • Detailed mapping grids: Including road direction markers, speed limits and vehicle flow allowing us to build robust models of towns or regions at a granular level.
  • Mobile Network data: For the UK in aggregated anonymised form. Data can be separated into vehicle and train journeys.
  • National roadworks data: giving us the ability to observe the effects and impact on journey routes that roadworks in a specific area may have.
  • Traffic movement patterns: Including journey times and roadworks. Gives insight into effects of disruptions on journey times.
  • Vehicle emissions: In urban environments.
  • Haulage journeys: Sourced from detailed telematics fleet providers and including differentiation between HGV and LCV.

Organisations can also use the platform to analyse their own data or collaborate with the Intelligent Mobility community.

If you would like to discuss using the IM Data Hub with our team please send a short introduction of your company and project to and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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