Managing Driver Engagement in Connected and Automated Vehicles

The objective of the Managing Driver Engagement in Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) project is to provide the Department for Transport with the necessary insight to allow them to inform negotiations around the development of key European standards that are required to enable the introduction of CAVs to the commercial market.

Specifically, the TSC are providing further Human Machine Interface understanding and clarification regarding the scenario where the Human driver is requested to take back control immediately by the automated driving system (limited to category B2, C, D and E in the diagram below).

To investigate this problem space and scope the following questions are being researched.

Key Question: How can risk be mitigated during an immediate automated to manual transition?

  1. Which variables should be considered within the scenario and case studies?
  2. To what extent is a driver capable of intervening and managing an Automated to Manual driving transition scenario effectively?
  3. What are the individual differences in driver capability and how do we define the various driver states across the transition?
  4. To what extent do internal/external factors facilitate for a more effective or less effective transition? What are these factors?
  5. What is the most effective HMI prompt modality and sequence to enable to driver to intervene and manage the scenario effectively?
  6. Should the HMI encourage the driver to prioritise specific actions within the scenario? How can this be achieved?
  7. Should the HMI be standardised around key safety functions?
  8. To what extent does this scenario impact the safety of the driving environment?

Example Scenario:

The project aims to report current human factors understanding of this scenario space from both literature and by engaging expertise in this domain area via a workshop and 1:1 interviews. Risk assessments shall be carried out to develop further understanding around the management of the immediate transfer of control.

Should you wish to send any further research across to the project team or have any general questions please contact:

Ellie Wooldridge via

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