Manchester Smart Table

Manchester Smart TableThe Manchester smart table is a touch-screen controlled simulator that introduces users to the concept of Intelligent Mobility via an interactive display based upon the transport system of central Manchester.

Using historical data from 2010, as well as projected figures for the years 2020 and 2030, the table allows users to increase the level of interconnectedness between the different modes of transport, as well as introducing individual “interventions” (such as road closures, bad weather or the introduction of Park and Ride schemes).

The software includes four fictional travel journeys – relating to a student, a businessman, a family and a retired couple – enabling users to see what impact their decisions have on the transport choices made by each group or individual.

Currently housed in the Transport Systems Catapult’s Imovation Centre, the table acts as a demonstrator and prototype for future versions which could, for example, be used by local planning authorities for their own stakeholder engagement activities.

Other future developments might include making the table WebTAG compliant and also adapting it to accept live data – turning it from a pure planning/policy-orientated tool into a real-time transport management model.

Project status: Demonstrator table built and in use at the Imovation Centre
Project partners: InnoZ, IXDS

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