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As a thought leader in the Intelligent Mobility (IM) space, the Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) has a pivotal role to play in connecting industry and academia. With the UK spending £4.6bn a year on science – and universities being the dominant research base player – it is important that academic research departments give Intelligent Mobility the focus it needs. Equally, as IM continues to develop, there will be a need for graduates trained in the new skillsets required for the flurry of jobs created by the sector. Thanks to our contacts at industry and policy-making level, the Transport Systems Catapult is ideally placed to communicate those future needs to the academic community and ensure that higher education establishments nationwide tailor both their curriculums and their research agendas accordingly.

Designed to maximise the potential impact of academic research on industry and enable the
sector to grow faster, this Academic Engagement Strategy has been created for industry, universities, national and local government, sister Catapults and further Research and Technology Organisations. By evidencing the TSC’s success through case studies of work, this strategy intends to build relationships within the IM ecosystem, both immediately and long-term – to bring thinkers, innovators, leaders and business owners together to benefit each other, the community and the UK.

‘The TSC’s ultimate aim is to increase the likelihood of new ideas and innovations from academia reaching the market as finished products and services. This will maximise the economic impact of research currently being undertaken in the UK,” says Beata Szoboszlai,  Head of Academic Engagement.

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