Who we are

New and emerging technologies are challenging the way we do things in virtually all walks of life, and transport is no exception. From driverless cars and drone deliveries to on-demand public transport and new data-driven mobility services, the way we move people and goods is soon to change beyond recognition.

Known generically as Intelligent Mobility, this smarter, greener and more efficient method of transportation will massively improve the experience of individual travellers. More importantly for the economy, however, Intelligent Mobility also represents a major new business market, with an estimated global value of £1.4 trillion by the year 2030.

Ensuring that the UK capitalises on this new and exciting market, creating jobs and growth in the UK economy, is the primary objective of the Transport Systems Catapult.

Driving economic growth

Founded in 2013 as part of the wider Catapult programme – a government-supported network of elite technology and innovation centres, each with their own specific sector focus – our remit is to transform the UK’s capability for innovation within the transport sector and to help drive future economic growth.

We do this by using our in-house expertise to identify and overcome market failures, and by bringing together industry and academia to accelerate the development of new products and services. We also work with public bodies to help shape a regulatory environment in which these products and services can be successfully trialled and brought rapidly to market, as well as overseeing our own cutting-edge trials and demonstrations.

Neutral and collaborative

As a neutral and independent organisation, the Transport Systems Catapult is able to recognise barriers to innovation, and then work with our partners in government, industry and academia to remove these barriers.

Harnessing the brainpower of the UK’s world-class universities and building upon the country’s proven expertise in aerospace, automotive powertrain, rail and marine (as well as increasingly relevant sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, data analysis and cybersecurity), we are challenging the ‘silo’ thinking that has traditionally isolated the various individual modes of transport. We are then able to form partnerships and consortia that cut across these divides, enabling us and our partners to invest in innovation and to minimise the financial risks that small and medium-sized enterprises would otherwise face if trying to bring products or services to market on their own.

Our Facilities

On-site we have facilities for the development of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality solutions and Data Exploitation amongst others. Our in-house capability team also includes experts in areas as diverse as Customer Experience, Freight Logistics and Artificial Intelligence.

Our facilities are available to use by small and developing businesses, academic and research organisations and larger organisations looking to innovate.

Our mission is to drive global leadership in Intelligent Mobility, promoting sustained economic growth and well being through integrated, efficient and sustainable transport systems


Core sectors and programmes

With a strong focus on the new service models that will underpin the growing Intelligent Mobility market, we have identified three core sectors in which the UK is well positioned to play a leading role:

  • Connected and Autonomous Transport – focusing on the integration of automation and connectivity into the Intelligent Mobility system
  • New Mobility Services – enabling the mainstream adoption of data-driven, dynamic and personalised on-demand transport
  • Open Data Platforms for Transport – serving the rapidly emerging market for data-dependent products and services that will allow the two other sectors to operate at optimum efficiency and unlock additional revenue streams

Our capabilities in these three core sectors will intersect and interact with each other. The market opportunities presented by all three sectors will also be explored and seized upon by our two ‘foundational’ programmes:

  • The Academic Engagement Programme – connecting UK industry to the country’s leading academic research, and using this connection to ‘pull’ innovation to the market
  • The SME Programme – giving start-up, small and medium-sized enterprises the extra help they need to access and exploit the latest market opportunities

The Catapult Programme

The Transport Systems Catapult is one of eleven elite technology and innovation centres established and overseen by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

For more information on the Catapult programme, please visit www.catapult.org.uk

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