Understanding Mobility in West Midlands

About the project:

With this project, the Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) aims to gain a better understanding of the experience of mobility and immobility from the perspective of people living in the West Midlands. We are interested in learning more about what transport, mobility and immobility means to different people; what role ‘being mobile’ plays in people’s lives, and what challenges or opportunities people experience with regards to mobility.

To explore this topic, we are undertaking several different research activities. The learnings we make from these activities will inform the production of a report and a set of ‘service principles’ for designing mobility services. This will help the TSC to help businesses provide transport solutions and services that better fit with people’s lifestyles and aspirations. Your contributions to this research would therefore be highly valuable to us.

We have summarised the different research activities below. If you are interested in taking part, you can find instructions for how to sign up at the bottom of the page.

How you can take part

As part of the study, we will carry out three different research activities, each of which comes with a financial reward for participation.

We are keen for the second and third phases of the research to involve people who have already completed the first phase (the diary study), although will do so with only around half of the diary study participants. Therefore, if you are interested in participating, please consider whether you are interested in continuing to the second and third phases.

Phase one – Diary Studies

  • Participants who complete the full diary study will be rewarded £50 pounds for their participation.
  • Total time commitment: Around 1hr 45 over the course of seven days (or 15 minutes per day).

The diary studies are carried out over seven days and will allow us an insight into your travel patterns and your experiences over the course of a week.

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Phase two – Accompanied Journeys, including de-briefing interviews

  • Participants who take part in the accompanied journey study will be rewarded £45 pounds for their contributions to the project.
  • Total time commitment: Around 2-3hr on one day.

The purpose of the accompanied journey activity is for the research team to get a more direct and in-depth understanding of what you experience on a journey typical for you.

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Phase three – Small group workshops

  • Each workshop participant will be rewarded £30 pounds for their contributions to the project.
  • Total time commitment: Around 1hr 30.

This is a form of group interview, where several participants (around 3) come together to share their thoughts and views on a specific subject.

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Participant withdrawal:

At any point, you can choose to withdraw from participating in research activities. You also have the right to withdraw or alter captured information that relates to their participation. You must notify the research team of your wish to alter or withdraw captured information prior to the 01/11/2018, which is when the report and other project outputs are scheduled for publication.

Privacy Policy:

Any data we collect from you during the course of this study processed in line with the project’s Privacy Policy, which is available to view here.

Register your interest in taking part:

To register your interest in taking part, or to ask any further questions, please contact us at the email address below.

In your email, please confirm your name, age, that you live in Balsall Common, and which phases of the research you are keen to participate in.

Email: UnderstandingMobility@ts.catapult.org.uk






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